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Knockloughrim Primary School

In Knockloughrim Primary School we follow the Northern Ireland Curriculum.  The Northern Ireland Curriculum sets out the minimum requirement that should be taught at each key stage throughout the child's time in Primary School. Within these requirements, we in Knockloughrim Primary School have a responsibility to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all children and we aim to give every child the opportunity to experience success in learning and to achieve as high a standard as possible. Our school management and teachers, however, have considerable flexibility to make decisions about how best to interpret and combine the requirements so as to best prepare our young people for a rapidly changing world.

2021/22 School Targets

Guided Reading

Mrs Rodgers is the school's Literacy Co-ordinator, Mr Finlay is assuming this role as Mrs Rodgers is on Maternity Leave. The lockdowns have had an impact upon our pupils. Through our internal assessment and everyday classwork we have highlighted Reading as an area that has been impacted and as a result it is an area that we are developing this year. We are in particular developing pupils understanding of what they have read. In order to improve pupils' performance in this area pupils are completing activities in class to demonstrate their understanding of what they have read. This year all pupils take home a Reading Record, in which reading has been set by the teacher. We appreciate your support in listening to your child read at home and signing the record. Pupils will receive a Thinking Bookmark after the half term break. This is a support tool for parents, it will help parents to ask specific oral questions to their child about what they have read.

Reading for Pleasure

To supplement the Guided Reading set by the teacher we would also encourage pupils to further develop their love of reading.

P1 -P3

We encourage parents and pupils to spend time reading together for the enjoyment of the story. Pupils also take part in storytime in school.

P4 - P7

P4 to P7 pupils are encouraged to supplement their Guided Reading by taking part in our Accelerated Reader (AR) programme. In AR pupils are tested at the start of term, this test gives each pupil a level. Using this level an individual pupil target is set. Pupils then complete online quizzes on their book in order to work towards their target. Pupils then receive prizes for reaching their targets. Pupils are given reading time in class on their AR books and pupils can also take AR books home to read. Online quizzes are completed in school. We have a good range of AR books in school and pupils will benefit from taking part in this programme.

Mental Maths

Miss Millar is our Numeracy Co-ordinator and will be leading our Numeracy work this year. Our work in this area will involve developing pupils’ ability to perform mental calculations confidently and to articulate their ability to think flexibly when completing mental calculations. In order to fully develop this area we will be sending home materials/ideas to carry out with your child. Further information will be sent home later in the school year.


School is working with Reserve the Trend Charity and the Education Authority to deliver the Neuronimo programme to all pupils. This involves pupils completing daily sessions in class that focus on a mental and physical health recovery programme for pupils. This started a few weeks ago and pupils have got a lot out of the programme so far.