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Our Policies

Policies in the life of our school are documents that lay out how we operate and function in relation to aspects of school life.  Some of our policies are to do with our teaching, some policies are to do with our children, some to do with our staff but all are designed to aid the efficent runing of the school with the hope of insuring the best possible outcomes for everyone in our learning community.  Below are a list of our policies that we believe our parents will be most interested in.  Should a parent wish to see a specific policy not listed here then they should contact our office

25th Jan 2019
8th Jan 2019
12th Sep 2017
17th Jul 2014

This policy details our security procedures.

17th Jul 2014

This document outlines our assessment of unwanted children's behaviour and suggested sanctions that our school will use to address them.  This document is used in conjunction with our Positive Behaviour Policy and Anti Behaviour Policy.